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Porthleven, acrylic on board, 2022

Over a month without a post but I’m still here. Mind my health hasn’t been it’s best, hence the absence. And I’ve been going ‘off grid’ with some of the work. A first excursion into proper figuration since my teenage years… We’re showing work in an exhibition at Harbour House in Kingsbridge, Devon towards the end of August and I decided to adopt a different approach. Amongst my recent reading has been Christopher Neve’s Unquiet Landscape a thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking delve into – essentially – English panting in the twentieth century. I wanted to take some of my experiences in a variety of landscapes and see what my response to them would be.

Backs, Castello, acrylic on board, 2022

I went back to some of my favourite places, not actually, but referring back to my photos and thoughts, my remembered experience of being in that place, and then endeavoured to create a picture of my feeling for that site. It will be interesting (to me at least) to see what an audience will make of this – almost certainly – unique event.

And now I’m off grid on Muckle Roe, one of Shetland’s hundred plus islands, obviously one of the sixteen inhabited and one that is reached easily across a small bridge from mainland. Incidentally with my three fellow contributors to the exhibition though in truth today has yet to live up to the title above. We’ve been here since early Saturday morning so have had three excellent days but the very fact I’m writing this up is the misty mizzle that is cloaking the island today. And I’m still not feeling right… Here’s hoping both things change soon.

Sunday 31st July, 2022 at Muckle Ayre, Shetland

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