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Muckle Roe from Busta on Mainland, Shetland

and a lasting image from a trip to Shetland…in truth a somewhat rare image of a quiet evening with good weather (locals told me it’s been a bad Summer even by their standards). Not that we didn’t have some decent moments but there was quite a lot of ‘weather’ whilst most of the UK basked in extreme heat. For once I took a break from making any work other than the obligatory doodlin’ in the pocket sketchbook and the large quantity of photos. Habitually I tend to make some paintings on these trips (our last one to Shetland was a month long and generated a deal of work) but this time I sat it out and am hoping ‘stuff’ filters through later.

from my Winnie the Pooh sketchbook…

There were a lot of memorable moments including a last day visit to Lerwick where we chanced upon the launch of Barry Nisbet‘s new album The Springbank Voyage. Despite a negligible audience it was lovely to hear live music on the street. I bought the CD and a t-shirt to support the band and would thoroughly recommend it.

we were few in number but very appreciative!

Meanwhile back home it’s prep time for the show in Kingsbridge (see my last post) and for the imminent despatch of a work from the Paintings Standing Up series (No. 66 Shark Finn) to a show in Sheffield entitled PAINT! and of a canvas – On The Margin – to a show in Barton Upon Humber entitled Paint Edgy: Contemporary British Painting & Guests. So plenty to be thinking about going forward. More about these nearer the time! Meanwhile it’s back to the Studio, to complete the last three PSU’s I intend making and carry on with the series I’m now calling QUOTE! – the most recent of which is Darkness – rather appropriate for the state we seem to be in of late…

Darkness, acrylic on board, 23 x 30 cms. 2022

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