That time of year

David Nash @ YSP, a crisp February afternoon!

It has been hard to find much time to focus on my work over the past couple weeks as we enter the business end of the academic year. Although notionally I’m only doing two days teaching this semester I’ve been covering others and putting in extra to get the students over the finishing line or perhaps more accurately lined up on the home straight so their run in is reasonably smooth. I guess all of us who do this regularly struggle with this time when we have to flip the switch from coach and cheerleader to judge and assessor. However that process is moving to its conclusion now and although the next two weeks will be a little crazy it will, I’m sure, be ‘alright on the night’. Why am I sure? Because it has to be!

I’m looking forward both to some more protracted studio time and to getting out and about to look at the work on show locally and nationally. I’ve rather neglected this of late…and am missing the opportunity to chew the fat with my pal as we give this or that show the once over. I’ve also realised how looking over work up close and for real is increasingly, for me, a really vital part of my practice. When I was younger this seemed less important but nowadays I seem to get such a great deal out of these encounters. So clear the decks and hit the road methinks…