West Nile


What with the weather being rather bitter (and the snow beginning to stick) a trip to the studio didn’t seem attractive.  And a goodly part of yesterday was spent travelling to Lincoln and back (for a planning meeting regarding the module to be taught in a few weeks time) with plenty of time to ponder the watercolour in progress.  This morning I turned up a small trial pan of watercolour that my good friend Linda had given me, she having been given it whilst shopping for materials as gifts for my wife and I for Christmas.  It was Quinacridone Magenta and it struck me as just the colour to pick out the edges of the main forms and so it has been.  I’ve now made fourteen in the watercolour series and aim to extend it to twenty four or so, as I think I have the source images to get enough ‘juice’ out of the idea before I tire of it.