Ostrale 012


As previously posted I am currently showing in Ostrale 012 in Dresden, Germany.  This is the sixth annual exhibition on the old abattoir site in the city, made famous, or infamous in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5.  Like the previous five events the Ostrale is quite anarchic and offbeat…a strong antidote to the many and various polished Art fairs and biennales the world over.  And as you can tell from my presence the work on show and the artists who made are pretty much completely outside the professional gallery mainstream.  Nonetheless I’m pretty confident the work overall stands up well – and the inclusion of around half a dozen student groups (from Spain, Finland, Slovakia etc.) gives the whole show (of some 245 artists from 33 countries) a real sense of the now.  Having said that above is the display of the excellent work by Uwe Loesch just along the way from my exhibits, and Uwe is even older than me…so its not all youngsters!

I’m currently tidying up some of the work on show and my thoughts about it but for now here’s a single image of the work of photographer Colin Wilson a fellow exhibitor from the UK whose gorgeously printed silver prints were a treat.