A tidy studio and…attempting to tidy the mind…

Studio Nov 15

I’ve written before on the subject of studio.  Here’s the modest new space I’m working in. A smaller space required better organisation (at least at the beginning…) and it also offers another opportunity to clear the mind.  The advent of the digital age has offered us much of value as well as the avalanche of dross and worse but it can be overwhelming.  I sometimes think that making paintings (and a lot more besides) is futile when there seems to be so many of us at it!  There’s a mountain of great stuff already out there and the more assiduous chroniclers of the web keep posting more and more.  Of course one could simply ignore it but the will required is beyond me (and most others I think?).  So you keep on if, like me, its hard wired into my sense of identity.  But choosing what to do and how to do it is quite a task…hence the need to scrub up the brain cavity from time to time.

There is one driver that is playing well with me right now though.  I began the year (partly out of necessity) certain that this would be a year without substantive costs added into the equation – and I’ve pretty much stuck to it.  I had been thinking of reinvesting in new stretchers and canvases for 2016 but as I’ve looked around there’s plenty of unfinished, unresolved work and material hereabouts so I’ve decided on another year of economy.  In addition I’m planning some more studying around issues of resource management and sustainability so making a greater effort to detach myself from a consumerist approach to art making is to be recommended!