Journey’s End

There is always something poignant about the end of a journey.  A sense of relief at having completed it certainly but also a feeling of sadness that the adventure is drawing to a close.  So it is today as I come to the end of a year of programming the exhibition space at Harrington Mill Studios.  We hosted a view for Stroll On, an exhibition of art about walking and this piece is one of those I showed.


It came about whilst walking around the man made Foremark reservoir a year or so ago…and as the show came to a close I fell to thinking that the ‘journey’ was the ideal metaphor for the programme as a whole.  Indeed when I started back in March with artist Maggy Milner and a show centred on a walk around the Thames in London it didn’t occur to me that the year might end with a slipcase of books by Ingrid Newton showing very nearly the exact route of Maggy’s perambulations!



And I couldn’t have known back in March that this year of exhibition organisation that took me back thirty five years to the time I spent as a Gallery assistant would end with a call from the current Director of that very gallery inviting me to lunch to reminisce about that time for an exhibition upcoming about the period.  Everything it seems that goes around actually does come around…

So I’ve worked with and shown thirty three  artists between March & December of 2013 and want to use this outlet to thank each and every one of them for a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience.  It’s been a pleasure to spend time with you and your work, Maggy Milner, Rob Van Beek, Anibal Lemos, Eric Tistounet, Adela Miencilova, Eva Bergenwall, Susan Disley, Rosie Kearton, Jackie Berridge, Mik Godley, Kate Smith, Robert Luzar, Sooky Huh, Julie Parker, Olivia Punnett, Jo Love, David Ainley, Katrina Blannin, Luke Frost, Lauri Hopkins, Andy Parkinson, Dan Roach, Trevor Sutton, Terry Greene, Vincent Hawkins, Lisa Denyer, Matthew Macaulay, Rachael MacArthur, Rachael Pinks, Stephen MacInnis, Glen Stoker, Ingrid Newton and Rachel Wing.  Have a good Christmas all.