Finding a Black Box…

No. 1

When a plane goes down, mercifully rarely, the first thing that happens is a search for the Black Box.  Hopefully it tells investigators what happened, and how.  So this group of little sketches, doodles, scribbles, or whatever is part of the record of the larger, more carefully considered and constructed works. The Black Box sits somewhere between the Wonky Geometry series and three even smaller boxes of even more provisional pieces.

No. 2

I enjoy these a lot.  First it helps avoid waste – I can’t abide waste – by using papers from projects that failed and using up paint that would otherwise be discarded (not into the watercourse though!).  Alongside that it’s an activity that can carry on alongside the reflection, the mulling over, of what to do next on the more substantive works. No time now for idle hands. And finally there’s the freedom to play around – to not be too serious.

No. 3

As yet I’ve no idea how many will be made, as with the Wonky Geo‘s these come off a large pile of sheets cut to the size in a rotation as my fancy takes me and are numbered on what I consider completion.

Rough Cartography

From the mid 90’s onwards I started doing a fair bit of travelling…mainly around Europe.  Inevitably one picks up maps of locations you visit, from hotel lobbies, travel bureaus etc. and I decided to keep these – though I’ve no real idea as to why.  Over time these were pasted into my various sketchbooks and when I’m at a loss (it does happen…) in the studio I’d occasionally start filling them in with paint.  I now have many of these…and this week…I’ve collated a few into a book…entitled Rough Cartography…  its being printed up as a – fanfare of pretensions – ‘Artist’s Book’ in an edition of ten.

Paris & South of the City, France