Warning! Stand 32 (not about painting…)

32 becomes 61?

A very beautiful morning lulling the unwary into thinking Spring is here…but March & April may yet have some nasty surprises in store. Nonetheless time to get out and about albeit within the very narrow confines of walking distances from the house. That took me to an old favourite, Stand 32, on the banks of the Soar just before the lane that leads back to Sutton Bonington and homeward. I’ve been photographing this very spot for over twenty years now – so much so that the Long Eaton Anglers have re-designated the competition numbers twice more in that time so that many of the originals have been obliterated…but the 32 survives (alongside a 61, though that too – I think – has been superseded by a newer set of yellow numbers). Still it was a glorious morning…and – a first – an actual angler just a few metres on, in all my previous shots the only people ever visible were one or two on a boat…

From Stand 32 – looking pretty much due north with the Ratcliffe Power Station just visible

No Standing still…


Alongside my painting practice I often take photographs though I rarely exhibit them here in the UK.  Although I have now studied the medium to post graduate level I still think of myself as a tyro though I’ve been using a camera since my early teens. Like several photographers I know and admire I have a few rituals associated with the camera activity.  One of these is my regular shooting of Stand 32.  Anglers will be familiar with these sites along our rivers.  Stand 32 was the site I chose some twenty years back to point the camera back along the river Soar towards Kegworth deep lock and on and off I’ve been doing so  ever since.


Today was my first visit in quite a long time…in fact its twelve months to the day since I was last there – probably the longest gap in those twenty plus years.  Imagine my surprise then to find that a new numbering system has been introduced.  Stand 32 is now 61…so nothing in this life stands still for too long.