Up we go, into the high hills that precede the mountainous region on the south side of the Douro, past Arouca.  Having first paid a brief homage to the seemingly endless beaches and the glorious lagoon that stretches from Ovar down to and beyond Costa Nova.  Only three days away but a fantastic sampler of what the area around Porto has to offer.  Suzana & Anibal, as ever, wonderful hosts.  I shall write more on the subject in the next day or two once I have delivered my work to the Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham.


More travelling…

Having mentioned it in the last post here it seems wrong to be doing so again but this time there was a purpose to it.  Some six years back I had the opportunity of exhibiting in Portugal with a solo show that started in San Joao de Madeira before going onto two other locations in the north of the country around Porto.  For all sorts of reasons it has been sitting there in storage ever since.  Every year I’ve been telling myself to get organised and collect it…this Xmas I will finally have the satisfaction of knowing I’ve done it.

The trip out was a joy – bright blue sunshine across France and Spain.  To live a life in the arts is a privilege – one doesn’t need massive success (though that might have been nice!) to have opportunities denied to most.  Travelling to places and making friends that last a lifetime…that’s sufficient reward.