How do things happen?  I was perfectly fit when I went to bed last Wednesday but when I woke the following morning my ankle was so swollen I could barely walk…six days later and I’m just beginning to get around without too much discomfort!  So a period of relative enforced leisure.  A good chance to catch up on ongoing projects such as sorting out all my (now) digitised old slides of work.  It is encouraging how much can be retrieved with the use of modern technology.  This painting for example has been rolled up and stored since 2002, three years after it was made.  The slides I have are not of much quality at all but with photoshop it scrubs up quite decently.  ‘Porthleven Six’ refers to the six people on a fortnight painting trip to Cornwall and I took with me to work on whilst there six tall canvases.  After they were finished I went into Penzance and acquired the timber to make a single picture with dimensions equal to the six individual columns…and this one was the result.