Life on the beach…

img_0947Somehow I have conspired to spend most of my adult life living as far from the coast as it is possible to get on this relatively small island. Of course because of this it isn’t actually that far away…but you know how it is with all that ‘stuff’ in the way. Nowadays we have enough space in our lives to get to the coast more regularly and its just about the most blissful thing I can think of. We’ve just been to Pembrokeshire and because it is less known to me all the more rewarding. I’d been once before but all too briefly and this time around, although it was all too short a visit we had the good sense to stay in one location and at least explore that space.

img_9858How these experiences feed into my painting practice I’ve no real idea, and I’m not sure I want to. But what I do know is my times away in these locations certainly do inform my thinking about my practice whether or not I have the intellectual or emotional capacity to understand why or how.

Aire Point

2014-05-14 17.29.29 HDR
Aire Point, Acrylic on Linen, 10 x 10 cm., May 2014

I’m sorely in need of an input ‘top up’ to make much more progress in this series.  That seems likely to be some way off although I do have a short trip to the far west of Pembrokeshire early next month.  I imagine something of a different coastline though, having never been there before maybe I’ll be surprised.  I’m putting in a proposal soon for the opportunity after the summer vacation period to spend some more time back in the area that has prompted this Cornish Coast series.  Meanwhile its good to have a pause this week and next for the following week its degree show preparation.  Best ‘gird me loins’ for those three days as they are likely to be fairly hectic!