Out & about…


we were.  My pal Simon and myself at the terrific Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  Back on form and showing one of the UK’s finest cultural exports, Tony Cragg after a year or two of rather desperate material.  I cannot recommend this show highly enough – it demonstrates that there is still a place for work that, in addition to being physically substantial , is also intellectually and – yes – spiritually strong enough to dominate both the cavernous galleries and the landscape in which they are located.  I will review the show over on my Cloughie’s Eyes site after a second visit but go see for yourself it will be worth it.

And now I’m off…to spend some time in Northern Tuscany over Easter…and work on yet another of my various projects – Lavanderia – that has been entirely conceived and (so far at least) executed over there. So sadly I shall miss the opening of Colour: A Kind Of Bliss, showing now in the Crypt of St. Marylebone Parish Church.  But if you can go and take  a look!  And if you cannot…here’s a sneak peek of it with one of my works far left…

photo credit: Jermaigne Sadie


Just getting on with it



Sometimes it comes down to just getting on with it.  I should be sitting on a terrace on a Northern Tuscan hillside looking south over the Apuane Alps with a glass of red plonk but because of the UK transport system’s inability to cope with a couple centimetres of snowfall I am still here in Blighty.  Hopefully tomorrow will see our flight going out on time but every cloud they say…so today I got into the studio again and made yet more progress with the current project.



Just as well really…time marches on and I have to have images ready for a publication to be put to bed in mid May for the show in November.  So at the very least a few of the works need to be finished for then.  November seemed a long way off last autumn…it’s much nearer now – and will be even more so when we get back in a fortnight.



And I could have shown you a beautiful picture of the terrace on a lovely day (we have many such…) but the way the weather is right now, across all Europe it seems,I’ve chosen one of Verpiana in the rain!