Coming Up Fast…



is the first of two abstract painting shows that are a part of my year of curation for Harrington Mill Studios.  I am very excited at the opportunity to put some of the very best artists working in non-figurative painting on display in our modest exhibition space.  Not least from the purely selfish point of view that I will be able to study them up close for several weeks!  One of the many joys of being able to mount these shows is to bring together work by artists I have met and in some cases know well with those I have admired but never yet had the pleasure of meeting.  It also gives me an opportunity to place a single work of mine from a particular point in my life as an artist in the company of artists that, in all honesty, I’d never have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

Alongside the show itself I am creating a small display made up of a few single works as a kind of ‘control group’ borrowing a bit of scientific jargon*.  In my control groups I am putting myself in some very elevated company indeed…but then again it’s my show so it’s only me to blame if I make a fool of myself.

I’m gradually gathering together information on the first show – entitled ‘The Discipline Of Painting’ here.  And in a week or two I’ll be fleshing out detail for ‘Painting Too’ the second of the shows on the 2013 Harrington Mill programme blog.

* A control group in a scientific experiment is a group separated from the rest of the experiment where the independent variable being tested cannot influence the results. This isolates the independent variable’s effects on the experiment and can help rule out alternate explanations of the experimental results.

Oh Lucky Man!


I bid for this lovely small painting by Luke Frost (“Light Sap and Deep Green Chromavolts Study”, acrylic on paper, 17.5 x 10 cm) at the ‘This Way Up’ silent auction to raise funds for Falmouth degree students show in Shoreditch later this year and got it!    It will be on show in ‘The Discipline of Painting’ show later this year with one or two other surprises…

I really love Luke’s pictures…although steeped in the St. Ives tradition (family connection, working in Heron’s old studio etc.) he owes more to the absorption of minimal painting out of Barney Newman as an example to which he’s added his own personal sensibility.  And now I own one albeit a rather modest piece!