Vinyl Junkie…


Me, not him, of course (though who knows).  So three days away under big big skies in Lincolnshire between Louth and the Coast at Theddlethorpe with weather that, though cold (and nowhere near as its sometimes been) behaved itself well enough.

IMG_2255And no painting going on.  But Saturday was Record Store Day and being near Louth I thought to go to Off The Beaten Tracks – that would have been fun…except for the big queue awaiting me!  So not the only vinyl junkie around then.


With wife and friend and Mindy dog patiently waiting my return I decided to give it a miss.  Instead we took to the coast with good results until we hit Chapel St. Leonards where the dark clouds gathered and we head back in land to Alford.  Being Saturday afternoon most of the shops here (independent traders) had closed up but Lee’s Music Store was open. Oh deep joy, no lengthy queue outside or in (only one other customer looking for DVDs.  Picked up this one, alongside a Joan Armatrading & Dexys, the former the first one of hers I’d never purchased, the latter one I had but disappeared down the ages.  I know its not one of his best but its one I never owned on vinyl (I bought quite a few through the late 70’s to 90’s on cassette or CD) and the condition is excellent.  So got a fix and at very good prices.  Tip top trip!


Out and About…and watching Test Matches…

Photo 11-04-2013 14 04 48


I’ve been back a while now but disinclined to post much…today at least I have started in on some new work…and in addition we have been out and about rather a lot.  On top of that there’s the business of the pretty much back to back test matches on the TV.  Whilst we were out yesterday…in Louth, Lincolnshire my wife spotted one of my all time favourite musicians…the legendary Robert Wyatt…making his way through the market.  So this morning the soundtrack to my work on a new pastel was his very sublime Cuckooland album.  It has an elegiac and at times melancholic tone to it but is nonetheless quite exquisite.  I don’t exactly know why but this photo I took at Calke Abbey a few months back seems to capture the mood of it rather well.