Teaching Daze


It was a little like stepping back in time…I was running a life painting class last Friday afternoon – my first in around forty years, and back then I was one of the pupils!  But it was very enjoyable, not least because the first year group were a pleasure to work with, diligent and committed and keen to learn.  My three days were a real pleasure, I saw some terrific work and had some good conversations.  I understand from Jonathan, the course leader, that there are only some seven courses for Painting & Drawing around the country that seems a real pity as I’m very sure there’s quite a market for something that has a distinctive character.  It got me to thinking that some other institutions might give some thought to BA (Hons) courses that rather than offering Fine Art as a catch all award might specialise in Painting & Drawing, or Sculpture or Print.  I’m sure a lot of people would think it retrograde but I’m damn sure there would be takers.