Splendid Stuff…


Gawd awful journey into Leicester last Saturday but worth every minute to support Tristram Aver‘s quite astonishing project on show over the past weekend at LPW.  Please go online and support it…actually he’s doing you a favour as each of the (terrific) prints is priced at a measly £10 a pop…less than a round of drinks with two or three friends.


It’s one of those processes that’s been around for an awfully long time but the beauty of a good linocut can’t be topped…and Tris has made a thousand crackers!  Go on…Xmas is coming…give yer pals something really worth having!

Day Out


It is good to be involved in external projects and organisations and I am currently serving time on the boards of Deda, Derby’s Contemporary Dance organisation and Leicester Print Workshop which, as they say, does what it says on the tin. Yesterday LPW organised a trip out for staff and board members and the morning saw us at Warwick University to be given a guided tour of part of their excellent art collection. The highlight of which for me was the Maths department where we learned there was a real appetite for abstraction. The Callum Innes above was a real beauty but the tour de force was the installation work by Ian Davenport…




This piece fits perfectly into the terrific curved wall that dominates the foyer and is a rare example of how the right painter can find the means to say something very poetic in real space.