Winter Cycle

Winter Cycle:Like Demon Drummers                Acrylic on Board, 30 x 30 cm. 2015

Re-establishing a studio at home is hard going…not physically (though that’s a considerable task with the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years) but psychologically – the adjustment to the routine, the environment and the ambiance isn’t to be under estimated.  So here we are, nearly at the end of February and in terms of completed works I have these three modest panels (though there are fourteen more underway).

Winter Cycle: My Old Allotment Shed              Acrylic on Board, 30 x 30 cm., 2015

I need at this early stage to make an acknowledgement or two…this Winter Cycle takes Reg Keeling’s work – A Winter’s Journey as part of its inspiration as recorded by the remarkable Julian Broadhurst.  You can listen to or better still purchase a copy here.  Julian is an exceptionally creative individual, sometime visual artist and latterly fecund contemporary classical composer and performer.  But here he has operated as entrepreneur bringing Reg’s poetry deservedly to a wider audience.  I fell for these short haiku-like verses around mid January a short while after resurrecting these panels begun some time back and suddenly saw how the verses might bring the boards to life.

Winter Cycle: Beyond                                         Acrylic on Board, 30 x 30 cm., 2015

So I now have a form for the whole series…of which there will be twenty nine…twenty six comprising the Cycle plus three more, one for the Flute Interlude and one each for Reg and Julian…as grateful thanks for bringing shape and, hopefully, substance to this endeavour.