What works out…and what doesn’t

Demon’s Wood (occultation-dawn)

I do not think it worthwhile usually to comment on the mechanics of being an artist (or at least aspiring to be) and have long since become accustomed to the ins and outs (outs being the more common!) of trying to get work ‘out there’.  Nor have I tried anywhere near as assiduously as perhaps I ought over the years to push it professionally…rather relying on opportunities just coming along.  And by and large that hasn’t been too difficult over the past two decades.  However sometimes it’s hard not to feel fate is conspiring against one.  In the past few weeks two potential opportunities seem to have slipped away and whilst neither is critical to my practice (I will just keep on keeping on after all) both would have been useful not only in allowing work to gain an audience but in giving me an impetus to complete the respective projects in a sensible timeframe.

So it’s as well that one or two other kind souls have picked up on things that distract me from these disappointments for which I am most grateful.  One will allow me, yet again, to push my photoworks out to an international audience…I rarely show these here at home as over the years it has been hard to get my paintings and digital manipulations seen – let alone trying to get anyone to accept the ‘straight’ photographic pieces.  But the photo pieces are both more easily portable and seem to gain a more ready acceptance overseas.  So in the next few days I am working on a new interpretation of some of the material I produced as part of my masters course (is it really five years ago now?!) but that never got used back then.

Demon’s Wood (occultation-midday)