Konrad Sejer

Konrad Sejer
Portrait for Konrad Sejer, 980 x 480 mm., Acrylic on Aluminium, 2013


This is (I think…if only because I can sometimes make adjustments just as they leave the studio) the second of the Black North series.  It is titled Portrait for Konrad Sejer.  If you are a fan of Scandinavian crime fiction you will know Inspector Sejer who is based in Oslo and is the creation of Karin Fossum, sometimes dubbed ‘the Queen of Norwegian Crime Writing’!

So far there are eight ‘portraits’ in progress, though I think I can only show six in the exhibition planned for November.  The idea of ‘portraits for’ goes back to the late 1990’s when I made my first : ‘Portrait for Billy the JOAT’…

billy the joat
Portrait for Billy the JOAT, 78 x 60 inches, Mixed Media on Canvas, 1998


Billy the Joat is a character invented by the charismatic all rounder Ian Stewart.  And I liked the idea of a portrait ‘for’ rather than of a character that only existed in the writer’s imagination.  So when I decided on pictures of Scandinavian detectives the same approach seemed right.  Near monochrome also appealed, another approach that I used through the period from roughly 1994 to 98 and that sits well with the murder crime idea and the bleakness of both the environment and often the demeanour of these lawmen.  I finished the picture in the studio this morning…my first ‘proper’ session back there since the earlier part of summer.  It’s good to have a break but also good to get back in there.