Wheel comes off…

Installation shot: Geometry, Wonky or Otherwise at Deda, Derby from left to right, Louisa Chambers (4), Sarah R Key (2), Richard Perry (2), Louisa Chambers, Terry Greene (2)

The shows are over…it’s good that there’s something on the horizon now that the two recent shows I have been involved in have come to an end.  I imagine I’m not the only artist who has that slightly empty feeling when these projects come to their conclusion.  I’d like to use this post to thank Andrew Bracey, Louisa Chambers, Lucy Cox, Terry Greene, Sarah R Key, Andrew Parkinson, Richard Perry and Marion Piper for joining me in Geometry: Wonky or Otherwise.  And to thank everyone at Deda in Derby.  As for my show at Repton I owe a debt of thanks to the team there…and especially Louisa Chambers.  It was a pleasure working with you all.

Installation shot: Geometry etc. left Sarah R Key right Lucy Cox (2)

No Excuses


for not posting as regularly as previously…yes I’ve been busy travelling and when not on the road I’ve been getting my head down and painting.  Very nearly four of the circular pictures for the Geometry: Wonky Or Otherwise show are completed and four others have been prepped – but now we are off on holiday to Italy for very nearly three weeks.  It will be lovely no doubt but I snapped this as I was walking down our road this evening and thought to myself there’s no place like home!