Double Century, organisation and arrangements

The Turnaround
The Turnaround, Oil on Canvas, 8 x 10″, 2004

It’s hard to believe that this blog (set up two summers back, on return from Gotland, Sweden) has now reached 200 postings…so many words and a good deal of images have entered the digital sphere, signifying what I’ve really no idea!  Today for example I’m musing on the organisational and arrangements side of being an artist.  To outsiders I imagine it seems both quite exciting and exotic on the one hand and (probably) all rather easy (or at the least relaxed) on the other.  Today is a kind of antidote to all that.  First off I have to complete packing of the fotografische werk exhibition and make arrangements for freighting it to Porto.  I need to chase up Friday’s session at BG (as I’ve become impromptu Module Leader) and get my text off to Lakeside.  Thats things that have to be done, there are plenty of others I could be doing!.  But then its off to the studio…not to contemplate the work in progress at leisure…but rather to photograph, pack and store the Lakeside show (ready for delivery in a couple weeks time) and finish painting the floor ahead of the Open Studios event this Saturday.  I’m not complaining – I love doing all this stuff and sometimes the basic chores are actually amongst the best things to do.  But it isn’t quite the image that I imagine a lot of people have of the ‘life of the artist’.

Some things tickle me – I mailed a contributor to ‘Painting Too’ (the show that follows ‘The Discipline Of Painting’) and suggested that the ‘idea’ behind the show was to show work more informal, looser in conception etc. as a counterpoint…and he replied that he had no problem with indisciplined work!  Of course that wasn’t what I meant exactly…but it amused me.  And reminded me of a time (many years back) when I chaired a national student art competition.  A leading UK art critic reviewed our exhibition and said “It was sharp, critical and tightly organised, perhaps too much so” – I felt compelled to write a riposte…”did you want it fuzzy, uncritical and badly organised, because any bloody fool could do that!”.

What has the image above to do with any of this?  Very little really though transport arrangements seem to chime with a picture entitled ‘The Turnaround’ and its also my contribution to ‘Painting Too’ in the ‘control group’.

Busy, busy

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A couple days writing feedback reports to students interspersed by a dash to the studio to install fotografische werk  – our upcoming photography show.  It’s looking pretty good I feel and wasn’t too tough to hang – though working out the layout for Eric Tistounet‘s text and prints (the bottom image above) was a little bit tricky!  It’s a case of ‘cobbler’s shoes’ at the moment as I’m waiting on delivery of my piece to be included.  I’m just hoping it turns up tomorrow from the processors…

HMS Upcoming…

YO8A0503 branca

One of this week’s jobs is to install our next Studio show @ Harrington Mill called fotografische werk.  You can follow the programme from here.  This is one of my good friend Anibal Lemos‘s series Europe Today.  When I planned this show I really didn’t think that the ‘Europe’ issue would be so hot this week.  It was always my intention that it would act as a timely reminder to the numbskulls who think it a good idea to divorce ourselves from the rest of the continent but its turned out to more prescient than I, or I expect anyone else, might have imagined.