Busy, busy

2013-05-16 15.24.30 2013-05-16 14.59.49


A couple days writing feedback reports to students interspersed by a dash to the studio to install fotografische werk  – our upcoming photography show.  It’s looking pretty good I feel and wasn’t too tough to hang – though working out the layout for Eric Tistounet‘s text and prints (the bottom image above) was a little bit tricky!  It’s a case of ‘cobbler’s shoes’ at the moment as I’m waiting on delivery of my piece to be included.  I’m just hoping it turns up tomorrow from the processors…

Calm Down Dear…



This is one of Eric Tistounet‘s images that will be gracing the walls of Harrington Mill from next Wednesday (see invite below).  It occurred to me a few moments ago that blogging whilst extremely satisfying can be a wee bit of a tyranny too.  Today I have been marking since about 8:20 am and finished around 14:30 without taking a break…I then drove for an hour and a half to get home and started on the computer, doing this and that, following up things and preparing for the show ahead, I stopped for dinner for – oh at least forty five minutes, but am now back pounding the keyboard.  I am not complaining – its my life and I chose these things and enjoy them but just occasionally I need to spend some down time contemplating some of Eric’s images…it will do me a power of good!