Another Week Passes

Squashed Cocsackie, 22 x 30 inches, Watercolour on Somerset paper

well, very nearly.  It hardly seems a week since the trip away but it very nearly is.  My work rate over this summer has been pretty poor though here at least are two new works.

Another of the watercolours that will probably be exhibited in the Southwell Open Studios in a couple months time.  I am trying to restrict my palette a little for this event and very broadly speaking seeking an autumnal ambiance to the pieces that will be on display.  Some expect more greens and browns, rusty reds and muddy yellows!

Alongside these the drawings continue…and I’m thinking ahead to next year and imagining some new paintings, on a larger scale that may utilise these partial sections of this current obsession with the forms of viruses.

Yellow Fever Fragment, 22 x 30 inches, Charcoal on paper