Fun Time

The Ha Ha Man
TFTLR – The Ha Ha Man

It was a jolly lively day in the studio.  First off the engineer condemned one of our heaters…maybe not so good with the winter approaching…still we have another to do the job.  Second up a group of students on the Foundation Degree in Fine Art at Central College came over for a tour of ‘The Discipline Of Painting’ that encouraged me to think it had all been very worthwhile and finally Andy Parkinson came by to see how the show looked and seemed pleased with it – a relief as he’s the first of the exhibitors to see the show in the flesh.  I’m looking forward to Andy reviewing a show he’s a significant part of as he is one of our very best writers on abstraction.  In between times I got a couple hours reflection on the work underway in my own space – and managed to put ‘The Ha Ha Man’ to bed!