Light & Night

Bruce Munro @ Waddeston Manor, December 2013

It’s only a couple weeks ago we were at Waddeston with the Bruce Munro works…best viewed as the night drew in.  Today it’s hard work convincing oneself that the days are getting longer and we are racing towards the Spring not least as the weather has closed in and made mid afternoon rather gloomy.  And yet there is also something comforting with the darkness and in my case the opportunity to put down brushes for the day – of course you could carry on with artificial light but it isn’t the same somehow.  I’m continuing to work on the small hard edge paintings that draw their ideas from the visit to Sennen (that also seems a long time ago although it was only the beginning of this month we returned).  Inevitably the further paintings (not the initial ‘Seven for Sennen’) are drawing on a wider palette of colour.  For colour is the thing that always comes home with me from Cornwall.  I recall some guff on the box once about the science behind the ‘light’ in St. Ives…something to do with a higher proportion of quartz in the sand?  Whatever…I certainly always want to use high keyed colour after a sojourn in West Penwith.

Porthmeor Beach, December 1st, 2013