A bit of planning



As I’m still recovering from a rather vicious cold I’ve decided to have a few days at home rather than in the studio.  So I have taken the opportunity to review the watercolours of the Deadly Delicious series.  There are now thirteen of these – nine with circular motifs and four with ovals (that I’ve taken to calling ‘squashed’) – I laid out the eleven that I think are completed to reappraise them.  They have been created fairly haphazardly  to date so the placing, size and handling are hardly consistent across the collection as a whole and it’s been fairly random as to which have been chosen out of the initial images from which each emerges.  I’m adding a few ‘new’ images into the collection over this early part of January…including expanding into the world of bacteria – whether this departure will make for similar or radically different forms remains to be seen!