Prisoners of history?



I guess that when it comes down to it we are all prisoners of our own history.  This is hitting home hard for me at the present time.  Although I think I have five (yes, I realise this is at least three more than is sensible) projects on the go at the moment the one that is really exciting for me is the Conversation series.  And a goodly part of the reason for this is that the size and materials take me right back to my student days.  When my back is really up against the wall in terms of what makes me want to keep making work its the prospect of a big billowing stretch of 12 oz. cotton duck in front of me and a bucket of a good brand acrylic (at the moment Liquitex and Golden are slugging it out for my affections).  Two of these paintings go back a pretty long way…I don’t rightly recall when Get Your Tanks Off My Lawn was finished (the answer may be further back this blog) but Corey Rings The Blues (thats the one at the back with the orange ground) has only come together for me in the past few days and the other one featured above is being pulled together right now (the ground colour change made this morning).  And right at the front that spanking fresh canvas just waiting on me getting started.  Very nearly all the earlier paintings in the series were a standard size of 60 x 50 cm. so these – at 220 x 150 – are a bit more demanding, physically as much as otherwise, but I’m loving the change of scale that the size is occasioning.  And it all comes back to my formative years at art school…the size, the material and the ambition…that’s why I’m locked me…and loving it!