Best Laid Plans

A good day yesterday followed by…well I was going in ‘early doors’ but I started writing student feedback, then started some downloads (Shelly Manne as it happens) and then some uploads and so forth…but I will get off in a mo!  I now have several of the ‘Deadly Delicious’ canvases to hand and hopefully the series begins to take shape.  A couple grounds to re-do and then at least three should be finished.Image


All Sorts of Activity

Today I shall be in the studio…but rather than painting we will be discussing photography.  It’s all part of my involvement with the Royal Photographic Society and more specifically the Contemporary Group within it.  Some two years back a group of regional members got together and set up an East Midlands sub group.  We have had several meetings, one or two lively speakers and some interesting exchanges including putting on a small show.  However it has been a bit moribund since our ‘leader’ had to step down last year for personal reasons.  Today’s meeting is an attempt to kick start a revival…here’s hoping.

My own photography sometimes feeds into my painting – and sometimes stands alone – as in this ‘tryout’ for an exhibition that one of my colleagues at Harrington Mill is curating in Seoul, Korea later in the spring.  Image

A Day Out

Yesterday was a day out.  The main purpose was to visit the exhibition – Mondrian & Nicholson in Parallel @ the Courtauld.  It was, as expected, a superb show on a scale that is immensely satisfying (I find big blockbusters far too much nowadays) and allowed one to really examine both the individual works and assess the inter-relationships between these two in that crucial two year period when they were working next door to one another.  So far so good.  We also took a trip around some of the galleries in the Piccadilly area…far less satisfactory truth be told.  Besides all the really cheesy stuff even some of the serious players seem to have lost some curatorial edge.  In particular I was troubled greatly by the work of Mary Heilmann.  I’d really only seen this in reproduction previously and thought it slight but playful, utilising that ‘casual’ aesthetic that has come to the fore over the last 15 or so years.  However in the flesh I struggled to find any truly meaningful interest in the work – is it me or is it just – well – not very good?  I’ve used the slight, the casual, even the purposefully slapdash and cack handed myself so I think I know that it can – and does – have its place but these works (and trust me I gave them a good going over) just seemed very indifferent.

On another tack my series continues apace – so much so that today I’ve spent as much time on other ideas as on their production.  I am thinking to make some other works that utilise figuration – possibly based on the occasional Hipstamatic images I make whilst out and about, such as the one posted here.

Another Day – Another Picture

The relentless intensity of these details is getting to me somewhat.  Thank goodness I’m off to London tomorrow to look at some of the work on show there.  It is all too easy to lose oneself in the twists and turns of these pictures.  Today was mostly spent on the first of the 60 cm. squares as shown here though the last hour I was able to turn to the 1 metre diameter version of the same image.  This I am flipping over the colour relationships from green with red to red with green.Image

Darkness In Light

is the title of a show that my friend SOOKY HUH is organising for members and friends of our studio in Seoul, Korea in a couple month’s time.  Sadly I shan’t be making the journey there but I’m sending a piece of work over.  What it will be is still up for grabs…but I’m thinking it will be a photographic work.  Partly for practical reasons and partly as few of us are photographers (other than Sooky herself) so the medium is under represented.  But what to make of the title and the work?  This image I took (as I left the studios a few week’s ago when the intense sunlight hit the wall as it fell towards the horizon on a winter afternoon) is one I’m considering…Image

A Day of Difference

Some days don’t pan out the way you expect…I had intended to go on from lunch with an old friend to the studio and polish off the ground repainting of DD No. 3 but when the time came I couldn’t face it.  In gathering gloom on a Friday afternoon going home seemed a far more attractive option and luckily I’d kept the sheets of Somerset Watercolour paper there with the rather nice set of pans I bought back in Copenhagen last summer.  These are russian in origin and were a steal!

There was indeed something very comforting as evening closed in to be in the warm kitchen with the Mountain Goats on the stereo getting on with an alternative approach to the task in hand.Image