Another Day of Graft…

Today was all about completing the ground of DD No. 4…some five solid hours!  So I thought once I had finished that I’d give the painting a rest and review the previous picture so I put together this image of the progress of No. 3 from the start to where it is currently…that is about to get a new light grey ground and fresh repainting of the pink and brown areas.  If only I could be certain of the colour and tonality of each area before I began but it simply doesn’t work that way (at least for me it doesn’t).  I have to complete the whole surface before it ‘snaps’ into place and only then can I see where and how it needs to change.Image



I’ve decided to use this site for a random blog about my practice…when I get around to properly rebuilding my site I’ll put a link here for anyone who might be interested in the day to day stuff and for those who might follow this anyway here is the only stuff I’ll keep up to date.   I’ve been struck of late by how interesting the bits ‘n bobs are to others and particularly taken with SB MacInnis‘s day to day stuff…so here’s a first ‘random’ image…the stair rail into the studio at Harrington MilImagel where I work on my pictures.  Turned on its side though!

Deadly Delicious

I began this new series of paintings just after Christmas – and the first three are in various stages of completion as shown here. Although they are genuinely abstract as often they do have figurative antecedents…albeit on this occasion from something that we can only ever see at secondhand – viruses through the electron microscope.  I have taken liberties with both the form and the colour.  The former through subjection to digital manipulation, the latter to alter what was in the first instance subjective coloration from the chosen dyes.  I have started out with three large circular canvases, 120 cm. in diameter although I intend to vary both the sizes and the shape – the tondo is a strong form that mimics the idea of the petri dish or the micro lens but I am also experimenting with placing the circular motif within a traditional square.

What A Crazy Summer!

My solo show at the Tarpey Gallery closed back in August…there’s just time to catch the excellent following exhibition of work by the painter Marek Tobolewski – it finishes this weekend coming – and is followed from the 1st October by a fantastic collection of Sarah R Key’s paintings.

In the latter part of August the exchange exhibition with the Gotland Artists Association took place at the GoCart Gallery in Visby.  We took a ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg in Denmark and drove across Denmark and Sweden to Oskarshamn where we caught the Gotland ferry to Visby.  What a trip!

Since returning home I have also been away in Larnaca, Cyprus examine students on the MA validated by the University of Northampton.

Yes, al in all a crazy summer…


Following on from my solo show at the Tarpey Gallery, I shall be exhibiting alongside other Harrington Mill Studios artists in the exhibition ‘Through A Glass Lightly’ at the GoCart Gallery in Visby, Gotland, Sweden.  This is the ‘return leg’ of an exchange project between Harrington Mill Studios and the Gotland Artists Association.  I am curating the show that will feature work by Dee Shiels, Lori Amor, Alison Whitmore, Justine Nettleton, Sarah R Key, Jackie Berridge, Michael Bruzon, Sooky Huh and myself from the Studios and invited artists who have exhibited with us, Robert Luzar, Anna Francis, Flore Gardner, Dan Roach, Paul crook and Beth Shapeero.  I am still drafting the introduction that will be posted here shortly.