Beyond The Horizon

is the title of the forthcoming exhibition at Embrace Arts in Leicester.  The show is subtitled –  An Exhibition on landscape featuring some of the best contemporary art practitioners in the East Midlands.  It opens on Friday 6th May at 6pm. with a talk from 5.30pm by David Crouch, David is the author of ‘Flirting With Space: Thinking About Landscape Relationally’.   The show runs until 8th July.

In addition to my own work exhibitors include PAUL HIRST, DAVID AINLEY, ROBERT HART, MIK GODLEY and PETER CLAYTON as well as others.

Future Exhibitions

In May 2011 I shall be participating in another exhibition at Embrace Arts in Leicester.  This show is focused on Landscape and I am showing a series of photographs made in 2009/10 entitled Binocular Visions.

In ‘Binocular Visions’ two images of landscapes, framed by a curious and ambiguous obscuring device, are placed side by side with contrasted partial views of what lies beyond.  The form of the work echoes the Victorian passion for stereoscopic images and the filter device (mounted in an over elaborated wooden holder) the use in the 19th century of frames to render the scene more ‘artistic’.  My interest is in an evocation of landscapes and I deploy both photographic figurative and painterly abstract means, sometimes combining the two, to achieve images that challenge our reception of the depicted scene.  These works combine digital photographs with Photoshop manipulation.  They are printed on Innova White Cotton Rag using archival inks.


Source Photograph, Breedon, January 2011

In addition to ART ON ARMITAGE I shall be opening my latest solo exhibition at the TARPEY GALLERY in Castle Donington on 16th July 2011 entitled ‘From The Earth Riches’.  In September 2011 I will also be part of the inaugural exhibition of the ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY’s East Midlands CONTEMPORARY GROUP of photographers to be held at Harrington Mill Studios in Long Eaton.  Further details of both these shows will be posted soon.

Upcoming Exhibition

‘Walking The Windy City – Dollar Stick’  Inkjet Print on Archival paper A2 2011

For the week from Easter weekend till the 29th April I shall be exhibiting at ART ON ARMITAGE in Chicago.  Sookyoung Huh and I will show photographic pieces in this unusual and unique space as part of a showing of artists from Harrington Mill Studios (where my practice is based).  Sooky and I have each chosen a body of contrasting work…albeit sharing a focus on close up details. Her project ‘Core’ is light, ephemeral, mine ‘Walking the Windy City’ dark and solid.  The previous week Jackie Berridge & Alison Whitmore will be present at the location working in the space.



Most Recent Exhibition

Examples of my work from the series Le Pays Minervois were exhibited in The Wheel Turns at Embrace Arts, Leicester until 25th February 2011. Shown below is Le Pays Minervois No. 7 Wines Of The Region First made 2007, this version made Oct. 2010.  This piece is 90 x 70 cms., digital print on canvas with acrylic paint.