Panic In The Beehive

Panic In The Beehive, Oil/Acrylic on Canvas, 60 x 50 cm., 2010

This series of paintings began in late 2009 as a response to the far more complex pictures that had dominated the previous two years.  The idea of a ‘conversation’ between two passages of paint emerged as elements of the original picture were erased.  Over the period to date the deliberation involved has increased so that the surface is now constructed with the incidents planned and executed alongside the quiet central passage of paint.  A number of the pictures derive certain painterly marks and tropes from artists of the recent past as denoted in their titles.

I made mention of this body of work in my regular blog (see here) and now I am looking forward to seeing two of the large canvases on show in an exhibition proposed for the summer 0f 2014.

Get Your Tanks

GET YOUR TANKS OFF MY LAWN, 221 x 181 cm.  Oil on Canvas, 2011


More of the work in progress in the studio, January 2014

INVEREWE CONVERSATION, 150 x 60 cm.  Oil on Canvas, 2012  The most recent completed picture from this series.

MIRO ON VACATION, 76 x 61 cms., Oil on Canvas, 2010Part of the series of works that restrict ‘incident’ to the edges of the picture frame…one of those that also take a cue from artists of the past.

MIDWINTER CONVERSATION, 60 x 50 cms., Oil on Canvas, 2009

The first of the paintings from this series.