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I’m currently ‘minding the shop’ for the above…but if you want to say hello you’ll need to get yer skates on. I’m here from 10 to 5 today and tomorrow (3rd September) and from 11 to 4 on Sunday (4th). But the show then leaves town.

Meanwhile another one is opening up many miles away…and I’m pleased one of my text framed works is included. On the Margin uses a fragment of text from the poem of the same title by David Wright. This show is a CBP initiative (originated by Judy Tucker) and runs roughly in parallel with the CBP competition show that’s running in Huddersfield from 17 September. I’m hoping to be at both events (the prize is a good way of catching up on new painters and work) as there is going to be a day event up at the Ropewalk on October 15th as well as the one below. So again if you’d like to say hello come along on one of those dates.

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