Get cracking…

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Work In Progress: February (Weatherland), acrylic & pencil on paper, 33 x 45 inches

Spurred on by the enervating effect of a project completion (see last post) I’m moving on to a new one. I previously posted some initial information about Weatherland some twenty months back (in a post that also mentioned Painting The Town Red, a group of works that have been completed). This concerned the knotty problem of supports and sizes, one that must have been properly tangled as – despite my suggestion I’d sorted it, I’ve wrestled with up until a few weeks back. My wife resolved it by swapping some large sheets of heavy duty cartridge, approximately the dimensions I require, for some drawing papers that I hadn’t found a use for. I’d still been hesitant whilst on holiday on Shetland but coming back and wanting to get cracking I’ve dived in and roughed out the first three of the twelve (one for each month of the year) that I intend making. I want all twelve underway in the next couple weeks and aim to have the whole thing wrapped up before Easter…unlikely given my past track record!

Was it the right decision…I’m still not sure…maybe they need to be bigger, maybe they need to be ‘proper’ paintings (which for my generation almost invariably means, oil or a really good acrylic – Aquatec was favoured back in the day – on stretched canvas (12oz. cotton duck – ditto) or linen (Belgian preferably – ditto), maybe the dimensions are critical (actually I don’t think so!). Whatever; for now, at least, the die is cast.

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