Wonky Geometry No. 140, 27 x 27 cm., oil, acrylic & pencil on paper, May 2020

It’s the series that keeps on giving…but I am bringing it to an end.  It was always going to be tough figuring it out.  But the fact of fitting 45 into each box (and only being four such) suggests 180 is it.  The pile of potential pieces keeps going so now some thought will have to go into what to do with the seventy or more pieces that will be ‘remaindered’!

Wonky Geometry No. 145, acrylic on paper, June 2020



3 responses to “Wonky Geometry (cont.)”

  1. jeffyoung26 Avatar

    Just listening to Kevin Coyne and remembered our correspondence back in 2014 about him and your exhibition, so thought I’d check if you’re still on Word Press. And you are! I haven’t updated mine for ages. These Wonky Geometry pieces are brilliant. I don’t know if you’re on twitter – I signed up recently to get word out about my book ‘Ghost Town: A Liverpool Shadowplay’, which briefly mentions Kevin.

    I hope you’re well David


    1. David Manley Avatar

      Hi Jeff just put up a tweet. The book is, so far I’m just that wonderful first chapter in, just terrific. Little Toller is a great imprint for really good quality material…you fit in perfectly. Did I ever send you a copy of the little Kevin catalogue? If I didn’t I’m really sorry – and if you give me an address I’ll rectify the disgraceful error! Kevin is getting a big museum show in Nuremberg this autumn so in Germany at least there is proper recognition of him. Thanks for the comments on Wonky Geos…I have several boxes of smaller pieces still…including some real riddlers I dubbed the Baby G’s…excuse the pun but I’m no writer. That said I do enjoy writing and have for quite a while thought I should endeavour to improve my skills. I did toy with a ‘proper’ course but any ideas you could offer would be gratefully received?!

  2. jeffyoung26 Avatar

    Oh I’d love a Kevin catalogue!

    My address is
    Jeff Young
    20 Buckland Street
    L17 7DR

    If you email me – jeffyoung26@aol.com – I’ll have a think about ‘proper’ courses. I’m toying with the idea of writing a more in depth piece about Marjory Razorblade so I might pick your brain at some point!

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