Saint Francis
Contemplation by St. Francis, acrylic & collage on paper, 107 x 94 cms., March 2019

I’m a passed master at swapping horses in mid-stream…after all I’ve got three smallish canvases completed since Xmas with another seven, one a fair bit bigger (a metre square), underway.  All of these are probably, even with my piddling about, quite near to completion so – just the moment to turn away from them and reconnect with something quite different!  But that’s my M. O. as anyone following this blog will know.  So back to the Landscape & Memory project and getting into the final stage – the Rock series.  Here’s the second of the eighteen that will make up this group – Contemplation By St. Francis. Click on the relevant tag for some kind of explanation about this malarkey.

2 responses to “Swapping horses…”

  1. donegallizdoyle Avatar

    I so identify with your ‘swapping horses mid-stream’ mode 🖤 It can be frustrating that some parties only seem satisfied if we keep producing the same types of works, a ‘consistent’ supply for a particular group of clients I suppose. However, it seems to me that as artists we must keep experimenting and exploring the new avenues that open up beyond the doors of our overactive minds.
    I do see the galleries’ point of view, and I do appreciate the clients’ expectation of something familiar – but personally, I think the horse-swapping route is the only way to go. Thanks David 😎

    1. David Manley Avatar

      Cheers Liz – luckily the contemporary world seems to be ‘loosening up’ in this regard though as you say galleries still like to nail artists down. But some of us have to wobble about methinks!

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