Go for it…

WG47It’s been quite a while since my last post…more pressing matters plus a short holiday has meant scant opportunity to do so.  But I’m also increasingly aware that finding anything worthwhile (to me at least) to say gets harder over time especially as, several years back now, I decided that only painting matters would be discussed here (and I’ve managed to mostly stick to that).  So here’s the thing…does time away in other environments affect the outturn of works initially influenced by other impulses and locations?  Here’s a Wonky Geo picture (No. 47, if you’re keeping count) that, as regular readers will know, comes from an enormous stack of them that have been on the go, on & off, for several years now.  But I just decided it complete, with additions of the past few days since a week in Italy…?

3 thoughts on “Go for it…

  1. where ever I am can be a creative space but only, and I say this after a rather large G&T, if I take the space for myself and allow things to flow. Too often I am distracted, sometimes by important matters but all too often by my own ‘brain drivel’ and excuses! Maybe when we are away from our normal habitat we can swing through the trees! I did say a large G&T!!!!!

  2. Yes it dose consciously or subconsciously, when it arrives the artist has to make decisions.
    Artists have been influenced and inspired by travel to different places and clearly has had an impact on thier work, Turner for example. The shift of light on the Cornish landscape is different to the light of the Mediterranean and different again to the light shifts of the East Midlands. As you say the series has been on going for several years and must be influenced by your other travels for example Shetland and France. I would imagine an ambiguity of place runs through the works and may well be key to finishing other pieces. It’s difficult to tell without being face to face with the work but you seem to have captured a fluidity and intensity of colour while still being involved with picture making. I will be waiting in anticipation to see more develop into Wonky Geo Italia.

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