Another fine mess…

I might have posted something about Jazz…

Do I like jazz? says my friend Paul repeating my question to him. Then being the kind of thoughtful and reflective character he is he responds by mail a few days later…

Or then again I might have tackled this topic…

Following on from my last post Matthew Morrison Macaulay asks where did you first see an abstract expressionist’s painting, and what was your impressions of the photography that came from America of the artists studios or the artists at work in their studios?

But my heart isn’t in it today. It’s hard to believe ‘the Donald’ got over the line. I did predict it but I was hoping I would be wrong. I do feel for pretty much every American I’ve ever met…certainly here in the UK – after all they are all highly intelligent, educated internationalists who definitely wouldn’t countenance voting for a man who cannot even uphold common decency and has what my dear old mum called a ‘potty mouth’ even before we get to the madcap nonsense that passes for ‘policies’.  And I feel sorry for just about every American I’ve met on my visits to New York who, the polls suggest, turned out pretty solidly for Clinton despite not having a great deal of enthusiasm for her candidacy. But as the truism goes we are where we are.

One can only hope that the ‘checks and balances’ of the American system kick in. It’s an irony that it may be President Trump that keeps the GOP in check and that the GOP balances out President Trump’s wilder ideas. It’s not beyond imagining. After all Trump isn’t really a Republican by inclination, and there are plenty of Republicans who will find some of the Donald’s ideas hard to stomach too. Well its a theory!

Much harder to feel upbeat about is the emboldening of the ‘rabid mob’ element at what is (hopefully) the margins of this ‘movement’. In the same way as the immediate consequences of ‘Brexit’ included some very unsavoury goings on here the same may be in store for the USA. Lets hope that there’s some rowing back on the rhetoric and some swift action by the authorities to stem the uglier elements that such fervour induces. At least the victor’s initial words seemed to suggest that maybe he can grasp this though his track record on ‘vengeance’ isn’t exactly encouraging.

Enough about politics…I’ll be talking painting again the next time…as they say Stateside…have a nice day!

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