With a little help…

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A few months back…whilst on the first Playground of the Midlands expedition…I decided to scrap my rucksack full of lenses and bulky SLR camera as I watched my partner in crime, Simon, shooting freely with his G1X and both getting just as decent results (actually often rather better!) as well far more spontaneity in his pictures.  I bought one and have never regretted it for a moment (and neither has my back).  However, as I resolve my most recent paintings to my satisfaction (well nearly) and have started the process of recording and packing them, to go off to the Ashbourne Festival an issue has arisen with the single lens.  It simply isn’t possible to photograph them satisfactorily close up.  Luckily the aforementioned Simon had a solution and better still I’m fortunate to have the space to effect said solution.  Viz. open up the lens to a telephoto and move away from the subject – and as the image above shows (of Ghetto Walk, 75 x 59.8 cm., Acrylic on board, 2016) this has worked out fine.  How it will pan out when I come to a 10 x 8 footer remains to be seen!  Luckily I haven’t any of these on the go at present.

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