There’s not a lot there…


well…my pal Simon had warned me…that Barkby, Barkby Thorpe and Beeby wouldn’t yield a great deal on the Playground of the Midlands project and so it proves…Barkby Thorpe isn’t really anywhere at all other than a farm and few cottages (and as the excellent historian that he is, Simon tells me its really the site of the ancient village of Hamilton) whilst Barkby itself is characterised mostly by its splendid cricket pitch and pavilion.  Beeby yielded a few more images including the one that I have swiftly and brutally bastardised below to make what might be the basis of a picture in the series that will shortly commence.


Earlier in the glorious day that it proved to be (probably the hottest of the year to date) we had roamed both South Croxton and then Queniborough.  Both locations a little more promising in terms of features.  Outside the deli in the centre of the latter we chanced upon yet another reminder of the triumph of Leicester City FC winning the Premiership…


Clearly Claudio is reaching the parts other managers can only dream of!  We had considerable discussion and speculation on our return to The Golden Fleece in Croxton where sitting in the sunshine we sipped Italian lager and polished off a Burger and a Chicken breast with Goats Cheese.  It’s a hard life as an artist sometimes…


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