I only realised how long it is since I last posted here when I came to write this…one of the biggest longueurs in the time I’ve been doing it.  Whether this is fatigue or just the pressures of other activities or simply that I’ve nothing to say…well who can say? Certainly I cannot.  I’m working quite hard on the group of paintings of which the above is just one and that eats up the hours.  Nor actually doing it but pondering what to do really sees time slip away.  As for the one here it has been proving tough to crack…and plainly it still needs some serious surgery.

Scan 3

Meanwhile in another part of the forest (a good metaphor for my head full of dense wood) I’ve just acquired another Leicestershire District Gazetteer – this time for Melton.  Now there’s a severe danger I shall get ahead of myself, after all I’m only a quarter of the way into Charnwood – ‘Playground of the Midlands’ project.  But I’m amused with the opening sentence in this one – ‘Painting the Town Red’- of which more (much too much more) in the future!


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