So Playground of the Midlands gets underway – and by a random selection process Loughborough come in first.  Well it was, in truth, a rather leisurely exercise!  However it took us around the centre of town in and out of most of the north side via the parish graveyard (for a very interesting alternate take on the day see my pal Simon’s blog) and through the shopping area.  We stopped off at Goodliffes for a very decent lunch…our lunch destinations selected by picking the knife & fork that pops up first as you zoom in!  And so the selection process of images begins too. An odd pick from me…sometimes features that seem curious, others that are obviously topographic, often just the visual arrangements.  Going out with my pal is good…I get to see a very different perspective even though we are walking the very same route.




One response to “First Steps”

  1. Oh happy day! | David Manley - Artist Avatar

    […] autumnal breeze – the makes England, especially that rural part of England that is the Playground of the Midlands such a good place to be stirring the creative juices.  If you want (and why not?) some good images […]

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