Therapy & Upcoming

2016-01-20 10.29.42

I’ve noticed of late that several of those lovely people who occasionally follow this blog have drawn our collective attention to the way in which making art is a kind of therapy.  I guess thats true for all of us really whether or not we have occasional ailments or for those who sadly have ongoing conditions.  I’m fortunate to be presently in neither of those states but have known how disabilities of some kind – when the psychological and physiological  circumstances permit – can be ameliorated by creativity.  I’m currently wrestling with a dozen or so medium sized collages based on the idea of Forests and though they are hardly working out at present (see above and below…) the act of wrestling with them is very therapeutic and also has the benefit of keeping me busy when, truth to tell, I haven’t many pressing engagements.

2016-01-20 12.26.11

Luckily time moves on and though this week is very quiet more is happening in the following one including the exciting prospect of seeing some of my work on a gallery wall again.  It is courtesy of an invitation from the artist Laine Tomkinson who has enterprisingly curated a show in Nottingham that I’m helping install next Wednesday. Here’s the poster (though the very excellent Martin Heron has been added to the selection shown below).


You’ll notice that it opens on Saturday 30th January at 6.30 pm. – why not pop along and say hello!

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