Into focus

Old Sixfiveseven Again Acrylic on aluminium 48 cm. diameter 2015

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees…and you really need someone to step in and – carefully (when dealing with an old irascible like me) – guide you to the sensible route out.  So it’s been in trying to get the completion and selection of my own works for the upcoming show I’ve organised – Geometry: Wonky & Otherwise.  Luckily this very morning my wife risked everything and did just that.  A few sensible suggestions and the expedient of putting them all up on a proper wall to view them (why hadn’t I done that?) helped me conclude that with a few minor adjustments I had the six sufficiently resolved to put the matter to bed.  In one’s defence it is quite challenging making collections, arranging lists, unpacking and repacking, etc. when putting a show together and trying to carve out the time to finish works to one’s satisfaction.  Of course it isn’t the actual doing…but the cogitation that eats into the hours…  Luckily I know I’m not alone in endlessly fiddling with work to get it where I want it, several close artist friends (including my wife) have shown me that over the years.  I guess we all envy those to whom it comes easy (if there are any)?


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