Chicken Bones

2015-08-19 14.20.58

So goes the wonderful song by John Grant, check it out I’d suggest. And this pithy phrase does sum up those days when it just won’t quite work out.  Today was going to be it.  Back from holiday raring to go and a whole day to get the four freshly prepared panels in play (and just tickle up the one of the four so far not quite finished) that will make up my own contribution to the Geometry:Wonky & Otherwise show.  But of course it never works that way.  For starters the ‘tickle’ turns out to be a quite radical rework.  The new panels once underway stubbornly refuse to offer up the delights that I had imagined my initial manoeuvres would lead to and to cap it all I pour paint onto my linen trousers and then dab a bit onto my newly purchased shirt from my favourite supplier on the market in Aulla.  I try ringing my pal but he’s out and about somewhere.  At least the ragu I’ve made for dinner seems ok.  Tomorrow is another day of course, though I’m starting it not with the studio but rather a visit to the dentist…fitting really, today painting has been a bit like pulling teeth.


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