Its been a very jolly vacation…and thanks go to our pal Sue for hosting us at her wonderful place in the Lunigiana region of Northern Tuscany.  We took a few days excursion south to Arezzo for Piero’s magnificent fresco cycle ‘The Legend Of The True Cross’ in the Basilica of San Francesco and Siena where Lorenzetti’s ‘Good Government’ didn’t disappoint either.  On to Lago Trasimeno for a few hours chilling and then to San Gimignano.  Here we stayed in one of the four rooms that look onto the terrace…perhaps the room that Ben Nicholson drew the towers from? It certainly looks right…


Ben Nicholson

 I rose early on the morning of our stay…and drew…but onto my ipad!  And so the world turns I guess.  

So back to our pal’s place and a chance to just relax for a week or so.  It was on a trip to our local Brico store in Aulla that I had chanced upon a good supply of Le Franc & Bourgeois’ Flashe vinyl paint on our previous visit earlier in the summer and as I’d seen many of the painters in the Forever Now show at MOMA using it back in the spring thought this was the time to give it a go.  I’ve used the format of my Cornish Coast series as the basis of the form on the five panels in play…seen above basking in the sunshire on the terrace.  This has been one of the drawbacks actually…it dries fast, and in this heat (even inside at the table its around 34c) very fast indeed!

I’m not sure what it brings to the party yet.  Its flat, but not particularly more so than the better acrylics.  It covers pretty well though there’s some translucency in several of the colours when placed atop other strong hues.  I think it will thin to give good washes but the small panels I’ve used don’t especially lend themselves to exploration of these characteristics.  Still it is quite intense, and it retails here at around the equivalent of just over £4 a pot…thats good value!  So its been fun…several novels have been consumed, plenty of vino and some great dishes, and we have relaxed away from it all often just staring at the mountains and watching the swifts.


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