Winter Storms

Winter Storms, Acrylic & Pen on Board, 30 x 30 cms., July 2015

It seems very perverse now to be – finally – finishing off the Winter Cycle.  After all if mid-July isn’t summer here in the UK then there’s really something awry with our climate.  But here I am fiddling with the last four of the ‘poem’ panals in this body of work so I can fully focus on the three larger pieces that will complete the project (in truth these are pretty near to it too) and then give all my attention to the works that will be my contribution to the show I’m putting together to open at Deda in Derby in September (Geometry:Wonky & Otherwise).  I’m sure some people are organised and ahead of the game but I’m not one of them…I seem to have a hard wired ‘buggeration’ gizmo inside me that always takes me to the wire.  So I can already see that getting everything together for both G:WAO and for the first outing of the Winter Cycle (that will take place in October – details to follow) is going to be a stretch.  But it was ever so and today when I might have really borne down on some of the key tasks I find myself in endless cycles of avoidance activity…