I’m not a completer…that’s to say I struggle to settle projects of any kind.  I envy those people who can quickly and efficiently move from the ideas stage, power through the development and know clearly when something is complete.  I really wish I could put paintings convincingly to bed.  But I cannot…and a small consolation is that a few of the other painters I admire have said similar.  I’ve heard both Thomas Nozkowski and Howard Hodgkin say that some paintings sit around their studios for years waiting to be resolved, now that’s an experience I do know about!  So it is hard to say when this Winter Cycle project will finally come to a close.  I’ve got seventeen of the twenty seven panels notionally complete and Snowdrops here I think might be joining them.  Two others are pretty much the way I imagine I want them to be but today I’ve faffed and mooched around, fiddling with other projects, making minor adjustments to them just to avoid telling myself they are finished.

There are other tasks that need attention and some exciting new things on the horizon too…a show to finalise and more besides.  But I feel that I need to sign off the Cycle…not that as I write the winter has quite left us, its cold, wet and winter despite being the first day of June.  But every cloud they say…England are struggling to save the second test against New Zealand…and play has been abandoned at Headingley for the day – but I even feel bad about this as I realise how unsporting it is to hope that the weather will save our bacon!

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