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Michael Finn Painting

Some days are just made for hunkering down and catching up on ‘stuff’ and a bit of good old cogitation.  When I was working full-time and often flat out I occasionally remarked to my colleagues that what modern Higher Education (and I suspect many other professions) lacked was a decent amount of cogitation.  It is my conviction (from the safe haven that is semi-retirement!) that a deal more of it would have often served us better than the headless chicken of meetings, emails and seemingly endless and aimless administration that was (and I suspect still is) the order of the day.

So today I’m sorting photo files and thinking through whats on, what might be and what needs be.  I woke today and as is the usual way pondered the Michael Finn canvas above – its adjacent to the bed.  And in amongst the photos of my artwork (both in progress and completed) I’ve been sorting since I came across a snapshot taken from the page of a catalogue entry written by Michael…that resonates powerfully with me as what to do with extant work, current work and future work has been running through my head.  It bears repeating I think…

“I am rather in the dark about what I do except that it feels right for me and seems to be in a tradition that is nearly a century old and yet it is still possible to make something very personal which I think is wonderful”.


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