The Cuckoo

2015-04-08 10.12.18
Winter Cycle: The Cuckoo, 30 x 30 cm., Acrylic on Panel, April 2015

I know there’s no actual cuckoo in the painting…nor is there any real attempt to portray “ankles deep on fallen leaves” or “a forest dark, deep and mysterious’…but it isn’t portrayal I’m after as I go about the task of assigning titles from Reg Keeling’s ‘A Winter’s Journey’ for the panels that will make up my ‘Winter Cycle’.  I was tempted to give this one the title of ‘Bright Eyes’, as an ironic nod to the nasty Conjunctivitis I’ve got in my left eye but I resisted.  How I acquired this swollen, blotchy eye is an object lesson to other painters – its fairly certain it is the result of sanding back panels without protective gear – so take the H&S advice seriously from now on I’d suggest to you all…

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