I wish…

A few days back my good friend Paul (one of the best observational draughtsmen I know) asked me if I was ok…off the back of his observation that I hadn’t posted anything in a week or two.  It’s an interesting aspect of our online world now that such a question might occur to one of us…but I too worry if one or another of those people I know (and not just those close to me but relatively casual acquaintances) doesn’t post in a while.  It was good of him to think of me and, on this occasion, it was simply dilatory of me combined with other things on my agenda.

169 copy
Ragbag No.169 ‘In the nature’

But its got me to thinking about what I do and why and how much time I have to do it.

I spend a fair bit of it doodling nowadays…much of it on my iPad.  I’ve elevated (only in my own head) this activity into a project…called Ragbags and am busy turning them into a ‘proper’ art project…at least maybe that if I can persuade anyone to give an airing in an environment we might call an ‘artspace’ somewhere down the line.  I also have an opportunity to teach again (and wish I’d spent more of my time doing it) and helping students realise their creative potential.

sam scorer JPG

This is a show thats coming up in a few days time – if you can come and take a look – and I’m so happy to be part of the team that will help make it happen.  That too seems a real privilege to be a part of…and even more remarkably I’m paid to do  it – something a lot of my colleagues in HE seem to forget nowadays it seems (lecturers moaning and that…to paraphrase Ricky Gervais).  But most of all nowadays when I’m not making work, consuming other people’s creativity, teaching and so on, I find myself wishing…

I had more time to experiment with my art in an act of real discovery…I ‘m pleased to know two guys who have come to their creative potential later in life (they know who they are) and are making the most of the opportunity…

I had the balls to put my creative vision ‘out there’ in a really honest way without regard to the way that my professional colleagues might view it rather than hedging it round with some half assed sense of my professional status (that is 99% delusional anyway)…

More time to push myself harder to learn some new skills, even perhaps to tap into a talent, to make something really worthwhile like my colleague F who released his first album at age 72 last week…

maybe to do it alongside my wife whose latent talent for the bass now sits alongside my son’s talent on percussion and if only we could harness it alongside some (hitherto undiscovered) ability of my own we might make sweet music!

and a thousand other things that, as I hurtle towards my end point (ok hopefully still a bit of a way off!) I think if only I had more time…

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