I can’t believe I haven’t posted something in over a fortnight!  However my excuse is reasonably decent…I’ve just completed the move of studio from Harrington Mill back to my home.  With work stored there going back into the 80’s and all the bits and pieces we accumulate over the years )I’ve been there since 2008) it was the equivalent of moving a small home!

I’m grateful to Jackie who tipped us off with regard to Liam – a no nonsense ‘Man With A Van’ who gets jobs done quickly, efficiently and cheaply – so that the bulk of the big stuff was back here swiftly.  However I still made six trips in the car to get the job done.  It’s taken two days and I’m feeling pretty knackered but of course its not the physical side of it that is difficult but the emotional.

Barnett Newman once said ‘Studio Is Sanctuary’ and whilst moving back home is practical its not entirely satisfactory spiritually.  There’s something deeply satisfying about going off to a studio, like going to work and seeing the making of art as a job. There’s the camaraderie of a group environment and the opportunity to programme a space, animate it and see it come alive with work.  How I’ll fare with the home environment again will be interesting…there is the comfort aspect and the cost saving and that welcome ability to go and take a peek at how its going at any moment one chooses.  So ups and downs I guess – we’ll have to see how it goes.

Lamorna Cove - a Saturday in December!
Lamorna Cove – a Saturday in December!

Before the move we had the pleasure of an all too brief getaway in Cornwall.  It gave me some time to scope the joint for the fortnight’s residency at Brisons Veor next autumn as well as allowing us the opportunity to experience first hand the switch on of the Mousehole Harbour Lights.  As always weather in Cornwall is fascinating – one day glorious summer and the next a real ‘black cat’ wet and dark.

Mousehole Harbour Lights - 2014
Mousehole Harbour Lights – 2014

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